The companion


Switzerland 2014

The striking feature and the basic motif of our project is one, eventually many-many trees, or a plant family. Sustainability is vitally important and it particularly stands for the current situation of our globe. According to our plan we would have a constant companion either a tree or a plant, which will be planted by countries while we get a new one so to the breeding ground a fistful of soil would be added. Hence we could finish the journey with about 40 planting behind us and with the same quantity of micro soil including all the different humus. In the end we would place the last tree from the last country, “the tree of the world” to its final seat at home under ceremonial circumstances where it can face a long life and prosperity.

With this we would like to draw the world’s attention to the importance of the connection among people and towards nature. We want to express the oneness, the human diversity and its tolerant relations for each other with the mixing of soils. At the same time we would like to symbolically honour our globe for the altruistic Providence that we have been given for millions of years, yet we aren’t grateful enough.

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