My journey is about to face some changes. I have to recalibrate my compass. My enthusiasm has considerably waned recently. I have learnt and experienced a lot in the course of the last 3 years. About myself, about people and about life. Life seems so simple and infinitely complex at the same time. I see the meaning of life in harmony and in making love flow. You must be familiar with the feeling when time seizes to exist and becomes meaningless. You just bend down to the gracefully swaying flower by the side of the road and breath in its fragrance. It spreads through your whole body. It casts a spell on you. A stranger smiles at you on the street. They perhaps even wave at you. They love you. Can it be possible? Sure, it can! Just look into the eyes of a baby and you’ll see infinity.

The smell of the flower can put you in the state of now if you let it happen

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