Here can be found all the blog entries and videos of the round tour 2014 and also a short description of this wonderful summer. The idea of this trip came after a long rehabilitation period. My knee injury has ditched me from active sports for long so I had the chance to think about what I would like to do when I will be able to use the temple of my soul smooth again. At first the plan was a 3 month long cycling featuring El Camino and visiting my friends who are stationed at different points of Europe. The second part, my way home simply just turned out. A puzzle to the entire story is that I have already been flirting with the thought of an Oriental voyage at that time, but I haven’t heard the ultimate calling in my heart yet. Therefore I considered it as a rehearsal; a 10500 km long unforgettable journey in 4 month on the old continent. The links under the map trace back to a tale, that’s already getting rusty.




Zürich 2014




radio interview with Horti Gábor:

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