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This story is about a real time adventure. Its two Chirst-aged heros are Illés “Kobra” Adorján and Szabó “Szalag” Ádám, and one tree in every country, that has symbolized the connection between man and nature for milennias. Our mission is to get closer and closer to a sphere that happens automatically when we constantly get over our limits, and to encourage others to do the same. They believe that for happiness, having honor towards ourselves and towards nature is a must. They also know that material possessions are inevitable. The journey encourages their self fulfilment. The posts, photos and videos may inspire others to connect with this blog, and travel with them, at least in their souls. They know they cannot save the world, but they also know that they are the only ones that can save themselves. This is a very important message to the readers.

Freedom starts with independence, and the realization that we live almost our full life in a trap built by the thoughts of our mind. Adorján and Adám realized and cleared this first, and this automatically cleared up the circumstances. They chose their jobs consciously, then quit them with the same consciousness. But quitting from a job requires many sacrifices. First and foremost we have to stop the comforting and “wasteful” consumer life, that many allows and gets us before we know it. But is this really a sacrifice, or is this getting aligned with a higher. order? With this they do not deny money and the world connected to it, they considered a tool to be used wisely. They are not really interested in the whys and more in the hows. This mindset allows them to pay special attention to quality, to the quality of their life. The give priority to the spirit, but they do not neglect its physical aspect either. Since you have to eat and drink, especially if you travel more than 10 000 kms on a bicycle. But they have no problem with sleeping in a tent for months without a hot shower. If you dream beneath the stars, the next days allows you to fulfil that dream.

There are many ways to do a tour around the world. However, there are a few things that you cannot go around. First of all, some time from our lives. Everyone knows, that one, if not the best ways to get to know our environment is on a bicycle. This is not just cheap, but also healthy, and gives a great space for freedom. But it is slower than travelling with a plane or a car, so we have to get used to a different timekeeping. Or maybe to not keep track of time at all. Adorján and Ádám think, that life is much more about experiences than about the longest possible existence. They consider time a navigator that can point them in a direction, if they feel it is necessary. So, although they have set up a plan that it will take them 2 years to do the approximately 50 000kms, they are not attached to this plan. They do not consider Willy Fog’s 80 day journey an example to follow, because limiting something might kill the very experience. The only limit they could have is their financial situation, but they are not worried about this either. Their financial resources are not limitless, but their dedication is. The basis of their creed is the same: anything is possible.

The ancient saying “Thy will be done” means the same as the modern “go with the flow”. They not only understand this, but have incorporated it as guiding principle in their lives. This is what they take the most of to this journey, everything else is just a detail. Just like the equipment, permits or information. They make a point to know only what is essential, they wouldn’t like to make the mistake of conjuring any expectations towards themselves based on others past experience.

From a professional point of view, Ádám is a video editor and cameraman, and is starting to spread his wings as a writer. He feels most at home in philosophical and psychological topic. Though Adorján was a part of telecommunication for years, quitting the multinational world, he started photographing, dance teaching, and inspiring others for a joyful life. Coming from this background, we can easily expect interesting reports, special photos and videos from them

Not least, they proudly take upon the title of travelling ambassador for the worldwide nonprofit charity organization, Rotary Club. This ensures a huge web of connections for them that will greatly help color their mission, and help the relationship between countries.

They will take turns in writing the blog, so the dear reader, virtual traveler will get to experience two styles of writing. They will aim for a weekly system, both with photos and with writings. This is how they would like to share their fun and experiences with those who would like to make their grey everydays more colorful, or would just like to dwell in the written world of spiritual adventure tales. There is nothing left than to change to their wavelength, let the journey begin.

We wish you a great time on the blog of the newest Hungarian adventurers.

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