Both members of our enthusiastic team are driven by the very same interest. Our mission is the connection itself. Connection to ourselves, to the people and to the nature. These three corner stone’s bear the balanced and happy life.

Broadening of their mind, crystalizing of the self. Opening up the old but genuine approaches and wisdom again and rethinking them in order to be more comprehensible and attractive for the people of today. Their self-interest doesn’t arise from selfishness, they just simply are suitable for the membership of the collective consciousness development group. Their oneness of mind goes beyond the individual, towards the universe. Therefore they do everything that an individual can do and share the fruit of the harvest from the heart with anyone who wants to relieve the hunger of the expanding spirit.

They would like to put special emphasis on to the awareness raising of today’s young generation. To the importance of reading, art and the cultural life. To pay attention to each other instead of living in the cyber world. To the danger of smart phones, if they aren’t used in a smart way. They want people to look into each other’s eyes instead of staring screens, to share their thoughts personally, to help them find and reach their goals.

And anywhere in the world they are asked “where are you from?” they will answer joyfully: from a great place which name is: Hungary!

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