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If you know me, forget the individual, if you don’t, look for the content among the lines, not the human. My commitment toward the consciousness and its words written by me isn’t personal, but speaks to everyone. Recognizing its importance and “pressing” timelyness, it cannot be entrusted to tomorrow. We have to act today, tomorrow may be too late, the laziness, and the days organized and performed in a bad way, the sin of negligence can carry such heavy burden that realizing it later on will cause trouble in the mind. It stirs up the feeling of regret in vain, because we haven’t sent the winning lottery ticket before the drawing and who knows when the next opportunity comes to become millioners. I am not talking about millions of course, but much more than that. It’s about fulfilling our life task after which a new, conscious world can be born. And this world won’t be measured by money, or any other material goods sentenced to decay.

Finish your daily chores until sunset

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Adorján and Ádám UFO face selfie 🙂

Dear All,

The time has come to launch our all over the world on a bike blog. Though it has some content you can get to know already, the wicks of supersonic rocket engines are very long and you still have to wait a little for the actual launch. But we will develop and refresh the page during this time as well. If anything worthwhile happens we will put it up, so will be worth it to peek in every week. We gave our visa requests to the best possible hands, and we started the negotiations with the soon-to-be lucky supporters 🙂

Happy Easter to everyone! Life is good.