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He was grown up in Baj, in county Komárom-Esztergom. His passion for nature and adventures were shown at his early ages. When he was 4, he decided to discover the world, and he announced that to his mother as well, although going to the world these days only meant end of next street. However, it is interesting to see, that expanding consciousness changes vision about life, death and about the world.

Illés Adorján

Illés Adorján

He was a very naughty child, his Gradebook was full of notes 🙂. Beside that his studies were easily fulfilled, and with his cheerful and spirited charisma, his studies were just a breeze. After school, he started to work for Magyar Telekom. It was a 7-year experience at a multi, which gave him many learning opportunities: self-awareness, teamwork, earnings, company culture, adaptation of office systems, but ti

me to time one has to think about if that still meets expectations or if he wants more/ something else. 🙂

Beside work SPORT has a really important role in this young fellow’s life. He was working out with laser focus and mega intensity, he was participating in sport events and he improved his knowledge on anatomy and nutrition month by month.

His trainer always says if one cannot work with a desired weight, he has to strengthen himself! Power arrived in summer, 2014. He said goodbye to Telekom and started his appreciated independent life. The whole new life came with a new plan: what if using the term “creating value” instead of “work” and what if creating value with things we enjoy? Thank to this vision, he found five occupations which secured his livelihood while having fun: dance, photography, helping others, writing, education.

Dance + money = dancing lessons. Nia fitness dance teacher course came out of the bloom and took it all. All he needed to do was, step 1: to covert himself from office worker to dance teacher. Step 3: profit! As far as photography concerned, it’s fun and it’s even more fun if getting paid for it. Photos can be taken of anything from stars to spiders legs’, motion or still life, emotions, events and more.

The tour around the world is a short story: Ádám mentioned to him in November, 2014, that he was going in 2015. Adorján asked him to join, which was confirmed. That’s all.

Adorján Illés


31 May is the real beginning of something that has started much earlier. We will travel by heart and soul and by bike. For about 2 years, we neither will see the country we born with our dreams, nor those, whom we haven’t left for that long period of time. This is perhaps the most difficult part, but our belief is that by the distance, which is growing at the beginning, the flexible bond of love will be strengthened. This is the highest price we have to pay for freedom.

Szabó Ádám Szalag / Fotó: Lénárt Márton

Szabó Ádám Szalag / Fotó: Lénárt Márton

My story started long ago, probably I felt something lives ago, which seems to come true now. A next level in our current life which will affect the following ones… But before anyone gets scared by the spiritual gibberish, let’s start with the facts, which encourage us to start this journey. Details will follow… 😉

Long distance biking came to my life in the summer of 2014, when I completed a 10.500 km European tour. Eurovelo 6 and 3, Zurich, Paris, Atlantic Coast, El Camino, Lisbon, Andalusia, Barcelona, Cote d’Azur – just to name a few places I visited on two wheels, within about 4 months. When I was in Portugal, the idea already came to my mind: what if I didn’t go home and would continue my trip to Morocco and who knows where. Considering my friends and family as well as the fact of disorganisation, after a few days I studded this promising idea out of my head. But just as much, to immediately announce right after I returned home, that it wasn’t my last journey. Since then, huge parts of my days were planning and organising the tour around the world.

After a few months, I left home to spend the winter in Italy, in a ski region, but before I got there, I got stuck in Austria for a month, as winter refused to come to Europe. The New Year finally gave me green light for my white plans. Rest of the season I was helping at a winter sport park construction, I was shooting and I was snowboarding a lot at the old part of the Dolomites region. That is to say almost, because something unexpected happened 3 weeks prior to my planned return. Here is my story.

Trouble doesn’t come alone.The old folk saying goes get proven again. However, this time it surpassed the old stories. While in the past months I was day dreaming about the next eerily sweet adventure or rather about being present, a bolt from the blue: after a misguided leap by my snowboard, I fell 1.5 floors on the snow, withdrawn from the market for 3 months, as having said by the ambulant doctor… “Surgery”… and …“THREE MONTHS”. Hopefully, it is enough time to recover till the next launching. I didn’t further think about it, as it was unnecessary to waste time on the unchangeable. So I left Bruneck Hospital with a shoulder luxation and with the fact, that I have to wait three more days to have it fixed.

It hurt, but not enough to lose my optimism and the present. I did not ask why it happened, but what I can benefit from it. The answer was just dawning. It may give the final impetus and sets my focus on the upcoming challenge, “THE JOURNEY”. I took it as an answer to my question, so my mind could not sink into the swamp of nonsense dialogues, that once gets you, pulls you down. But then the real trial came: how to keep my plans alive.

Few hours later I received a call from a friend: the money I had invested, and due to lack of sponsors, wanted to use to cover my 2 years trip, had landed in a fictitious person’s pocket. That was Hungary’s most scandalous broker case, and I was deeply involved. Perhaps it was better the fell into snow few hours earlier…. BANG! The moment of the accident felt like a gentle touch compared to that news. Collapse, although I managed to avoid once already today, seemed inevitable. However, a few seconds later the familiar question echoed in my mind for the second time today. How could I benefit from this situation???

Although mathematics has never been my strength point, I still felt that everything is possible. The formula for connections was floating in my mind since my childhood and the equation was getting simpler. Everything is connected, this is the initial state. In order to see things clearly, one has to be able to control his emotions just as a mathematician directs the numbers and the symbols toward the solution. This may be called consciousness. It has to be recognised when to accept it and when to refuse it. Now, that was the second option. So I left room for feelings, but excluded my emotions, and I was ready to face further questions.

The proximity of the situation did not allow me to immediately find the answer to everything. I have learned that problems should be taken as assignments, and they can only be solved by step away from them. We are too small to see and understand the complexity and causality. I was waiting patiently to be ready to check my situation from a different angle. We need some time to become recipient and understand all the underlying and unchanging power. I think about the power that guides and takes care of us. The information that is complete and perfect. What grows a tree from a seed or is responsible for a heartbeat. What solder the wound, without asking help from us. We can contribute its work, as well as we can decide, whether to use of the existing healing herbs. This is free will. We can decide about it, but whatever we choose, with or without us, he continues what he is. He exists and provides opportunity for existence.

Adopting is directly proportional to the degree of tranquillity. Serenity, acceptance, connection, understanding, application. After a little while I got to the following conclusion:

I will not give up the journey and not because I chose not to give it up, but because I received the feeling as an answer to my most important question, if this is what I really want to do. In fact, this new approach shows completely different perspective about this wanderlust feeling, which is anyway, but default in our genes. God has scratched into our souls the passion for discovering new things, before we started our mission on this wonderful planet; and what we are about to travel around, hoping for a deeper understanding.
… Because journey is an encyclopedia, written on the road. Sets free, encourages perspicacity. Reveals reality, shows what is worth to pay attention and what is worth to take time in order to fly higher in an airship.

Ádám Szabó

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