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If you know me, forget the individual, if you don’t, look for the content among the lines, not the human. My commitment toward the consciousness and its words written by me isn’t personal, but speaks to everyone. Recognizing its importance and “pressing” timelyness, it cannot be entrusted to tomorrow. We have to act today, tomorrow may be too late, the laziness, and the days organized and performed in a bad way, the sin of negligence can carry such heavy burden that realizing it later on will cause trouble in the mind. It stirs up the feeling of regret in vain, because we haven’t sent the winning lottery ticket before the drawing and who knows when the next opportunity comes to become millioners. I am not talking about millions of course, but much more than that. It’s about fulfilling our life task after which a new, conscious world can be born. And this world won’t be measured by money, or any other material goods sentenced to decay.

Finish your daily chores until sunset

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Better to come late


I admit I have lost my motivation for writing and updating the blog for a long time. After we separated with Adorján in Kuala Lumpur everything has changed immensely around the journey including this blog as well. And not just because the required toolbar stayed with Adi but the usual schedule – which we elaborated together during the past one and a half year- was missing too. Until today publishing has lost its meaning, I haven’t felt like sharing what I do or what I am actually in with anyone. Somehow the thoughts that ruled socializing on my part have prevented the initiation of yours who are reading these lines into this journey. Unfortunately I reckoned that there was no reason for writing and sharing the pictures that mean so much to me because it was just a superficial thing, like Facebook or all the other social media to reinforce the ego. Likes, smilies and pictures of who and what was eating, of who were they smiling together with even if it lasted till a flash… I became totally introverted since I have seen bleak emptiness on the tangled web of the internet. My only interest was just reality. I felt like shortening my life with every post, every sentence written on my timline and that the virual world would seize my real one in which I have learnt to live so well already.

Late but coming

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About the first day


It’s been a while since we last updated the blog. The most important is that we started our trip on 13 June. We said goodbye to our beloved fatherland at Tompa, after a night spent in Kiskunhalas. Also, we planted the first tree there, because it would not have survived any longer in that hot weather on the rear trunk. We were happy to do so, to return the favour of warm welcome by our hosts, with this little nut tree.

Since then, kilometres were counted in Serbia into our meters, where we were already facing so many interesting things in three days. First we set ourselves in a little village with our brand new Northface tents, which were delivered to us with the help of Gurutech. We were just about to pose for some pictures but a struck of storm changed our plans, and we quickly had to move all of our stuff to a safe place. Thank God, we outrode it without too much trouble, but it was a big huddle clearing the mess around. Next day we took it easy on the busy, but not too exciting highway.



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Launching in 10 days!

It’s only Wednesday today, but we have done loads already. On Monday, we went back to Evobike with one of the KTM-s to discuss our experiences we had in 150 km, and to make sure, masters make to final necessary adjustments. We also picked up the other one, so Adorjan could start to test it. We named them as well: Adi’s bike is called Sir Dinamit, and mine is Mighty Voyager.

If possible, things speeded up even more. We were donated a cycling GPS from Navi-Gate Ltd., so we can track our path and register the location of the planted trees precisely. Adi believes that we are going to create a pilgrimage for „heavy users”, for those, who think about a serious cycling or even a walking tour. This is going to be called „the Children of the Sun Pilgrimage”. Main landmarks will be the trees planted by us, connecting everyone, who is interested to visit this route in the future. Appreciate this useful present on behalf of the prospective pilgrims.


Garmin gadget came from Magyar Péter

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Important milestone

I would like to start by, that if you would like to go on a around the world bike tour, and give probably the most unforgettful years for this, don’t start the organization and the bike hunt 3 months before the start.

Since we did not take this into consideration, the past weeks gave us a lot to do. We decided we would like to tackle the world with a great bike, and we will do everything in our power to find the biggest assistant we are going to have on the trip. Thanks to this, within days we found ourselves amongst such top category brands and solutions, that we didn’t even know about before, not to mention consider. But the cross section puts us in front of a huge decision. This means that in most of the cases we have to custom make the perfect devices, and this takes months. It isn’t enough to order the bike’s components one by one, we have to find a good steel frame set that we can stack all the supersonic goodies onto.

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China, Pakistan and Uncle Ári

Slowly we reach the point that the only documents we are going to be able to get at home are three visas. We visited the Chineese embassy today and while were staring at the screen, mentally willing it to turn 237, an old friend and professional photographer Áron Süveg appeared with a great smile on his face in the aula, where a lot of slanted eyed people were taking turns in holding onto his passport and using a lot of ink to fill out the mandatory visa requesting forms.

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Count down

The real count down has begun! We start our amazing trip in 50 days. The arrangements go really good, this week we took a big step toward to our aim. A strong feeling cought me two days ago, wich says “everything is all right, this preparing time belongs to our journey”. So we are already on our way meanwhile we stay in one place…



Adorján and Ádám UFO face selfie 🙂

Dear All,

The time has come to launch our all over the world on a bike blog. Though it has some content you can get to know already, the wicks of supersonic rocket engines are very long and you still have to wait a little for the actual launch. But we will develop and refresh the page during this time as well. If anything worthwhile happens we will put it up, so will be worth it to peek in every week. We gave our visa requests to the best possible hands, and we started the negotiations with the soon-to-be lucky supporters 🙂

Happy Easter to everyone! Life is good.