My journey is about to face some changes. I have to recalibrate my compass. My enthusiasm has considerably waned recently. I have learnt and experienced a lot in the course of the last 3 years. About myself, about people and about life. Life seems so simple and infinitely complex at the same time. I see the meaning of life in harmony and in making love flow. You must be familiar with the feeling when time seizes to exist and becomes meaningless. You just bend down to the gracefully swaying flower by the side of the road and breath in its fragrance. It spreads through your whole body. It casts a spell on you. A stranger smiles at you on the street. They perhaps even wave at you. They love you. Can it be possible? Sure, it can! Just look into the eyes of a baby and you’ll see infinity.

The smell of the flower can put you in the state of now if you let it happen

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The spirit of Southeast Asia Part 1.

Before I start the storytelling I have to admit that Thailand has really touched me. Spiritually and aesthetically as well. I was cycling across the country feeling like the whole population belonged to my family and my journey was an exotic kind of visiting relatives thanks to the kindness and humility of the Thai people. And there was one more thing that completely fascinated me: beside nearly all the houses, stores, parks and rivers little houses could be seen. My curiosity burned with the desire to find out what these weird, fairytalelike, doll’s house looking buildings were, that reminded me of bird tables. So I plunged myself into the Thai tradition a little bit.

Tiny grain of sand from the Thai magic

Tiny grain of sand from the Thai magic

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This day is special. Not just because its April fool’s day (an attribute we know all too well), but because this is the first time the two of us were able to sit down to one table at the same time. This allows us to see the same thing and at the same time, too. This is what bonds us for quiet a while. So the worthile work has started. Though in the past months, seperately we have put a lot of energy into organizing our common journy, the two streams have met, and forming a river, it surges forward with elemental energy. The result of this is that the first content has reached our blog and we put a little time into fine tuning its shape too. With this, we have launched something that will give you lots of news and joy for about the next two years.

It is no coincidence we named our news flow Momentum, because from now on, we will hit the pedals. In exactly two months from now, we are going to be actually on our way. Boredom will have no chance to hit us until then either, cause we still have plenty to take care of before the start. During this time you can join us and follow how we prepare for the most exciting part of our lives: around the world on a bike. Sponsors, supporters, aka. Backwind, it wouldn’t hurt if you start blowing…

Life is good.

Already on our way

Today we had a conversation on the phone with Mr. Szalag, who shared with me an important and interesting thought: Though we are still preparing, we are already on our way.

This simple preposition blows away any doubt or stress. It can take me to an exciting state, which has the nice side effect of this falling into place at break neck speed.

So now I decide that I am already on the journey 🙂 Today will be the final day of planning the around world trip (that I personally cannot wait to start) cause I just have to write in a few dozen countries into the final plan. Then it is time to celebrate 🙂 Since its always great to celebrate.


Creating the planned route

I dreamt and put into a spreadsheet the planend route. It looks like it comes from a fairy tale…

Start Comment Distance (km) Period (day) Date
Hungary 2015.05.30
Ádám: Eger
Adorján: Baj
1st day
2th day – Kiskunhalas 177 2 2015.06.01
3rd day
Romania (Felmer) 652 7 2015.06.06
Bulgaria (Krastets) 1131 12 2015.06.11
Isztanbul 1600 18 2015.06.17
Georgia 3500 46 2015.07.15
Armenia (Yerevan) 3810 49 2015.07.18
Iran (Yazd) 5358 65 2015.08.03
Turkmenistan (Ashgabat) 6379 80 2015.08.18
Uzbekistan (Navoi) 7222 94 2015.09.01
Tajikistan Kulob) 7739 101 2015.09.08
Khorog Pamír highway 8147 108 2015.09.15
Kyrgyzstan (Os) 8876 120 2015.09.27
China ???
Pakistan (Ali Abad) Hunzák 10876 150 2015.10.27
India (Goa) 14476 206 2015.12.22
Nepal (Kathmandu) 16380 234 2016.01.19
Bhutan (Thimphu) GBH 17200 248 2016.02.02
Banglades (Bangladesh) 17805 255 2016.02.09
Burma/Mianmar (Mandalay) 19005 270 2016.02.24
Laos (Laosang) 20405 290 2016.03.15
East Timor
New Zealand
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Mexico (Acapulco)
El Salvador or Honduras
Costa Rica


It seems we have plenty of errands to run before we launch. We just got a letter from Árpi and his wife who are on the road on their recumbent for almost 4 now. We plan a similar route, so from Hungary, we will attack to the East, and when time comes, we shall return from the West.

According to the letter, we have to shift up a gear so we can get the necessary visas and vaccines. We plan to launch at the end of May, every errand will have to get done perfectly till then.