My journey is about to face some changes. I have to recalibrate my compass. My enthusiasm has considerably waned recently. I have learnt and experienced a lot in the course of the last 3 years. About myself, about people and about life. Life seems so simple and infinitely complex at the same time. I see the meaning of life in harmony and in making love flow. You must be familiar with the feeling when time seizes to exist and becomes meaningless. You just bend down to the gracefully swaying flower by the side of the road and breath in its fragrance. It spreads through your whole body. It casts a spell on you. A stranger smiles at you on the street. They perhaps even wave at you. They love you. Can it be possible? Sure, it can! Just look into the eyes of a baby and you’ll see infinity.

The smell of the flower can put you in the state of now if you let it happen

I had always wanted to become a useful member of society. But it all goes for nothing. Being useful is not the target, but it will come as a consequence. The real target is the journey itself. I call it the journey of Light. Being true to ourselves. Just letting life happen. Breathing deeply, experiencing and then letting go. It is rhythm. It is music. A process where everything has its place. Paint the entire canvas black or blue, if you feel like. Why not? Anyone can say that this is not the right way and red would be better. Doesn’t matter. Just let your hand automatically (or perhaps by guidance?) chose your color.
All that confusion coming from everywhere is the biggest challenge. I can proudly and honestly say: my life is blessed. I am free, and I created this freedom for myself. I can stay away from the brainwashing noises of our era. I don’t watch Tv or care about politics. I am present. I am the light. I confidently move together with the universe. I let my faith, which vibrates on the frequency of love and fills every part of me, be my compass. My dance partner. I wish only this for myself and for all of you. I had to write this down. My innermost self made me write these things down. I trust myself.
I strive for clarity and for clairvoyance. I need silence. Caring for ourselves is a gift. You can read a 1000 book about success, peace and watch countless videos on this topic. They might lead to some realization. But without working on our inner self, we cannot get far. We will only wander aimlessly. If somebody says you should go that way… No! We all possess the knowledge, from the moment of our birth. It is accessible. I can see the future. I put my trust in it, because my inner peace lets me see and feel it. You don’t ‘have to’ know. Waves calm down, doubt becomes unity and only being and presence what remains.

I face with my self-doubt and I have faith

I’d like to end this post with a short story from one of the wisest masters of our age, Eckhart Tolle. A man showed Tolle a fully detailed, one-year personal development plan of an organization and asked him:
– Which spiritual classes would you recommend me?
Tolle answered: – They all seem interesting. But I know one thing. Just be aware of your presence by observing your breathing as often as you can, any time you can think of it! Do this for a year, and it will change you more than all these courses. And it is for free.
Special thanks to Evobike for helping me on my journey with a professional bicycle, gears and knowledge.

Adorjan Illes

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