About the first day


It’s been a while since we last updated the blog. The most important is that we started our trip on 13 June. We said goodbye to our beloved fatherland at Tompa, after a night spent in Kiskunhalas. Also, we planted the first tree there, because it would not have survived any longer in that hot weather on the rear trunk. We were happy to do so, to return the favour of warm welcome by our hosts, with this little nut tree.

Since then, kilometres were counted in Serbia into our meters, where we were already facing so many interesting things in three days. First we set ourselves in a little village with our brand new Northface tents, which were delivered to us with the help of Gurutech. We were just about to pose for some pictures but a struck of storm changed our plans, and we quickly had to move all of our stuff to a safe place. Thank God, we outrode it without too much trouble, but it was a big huddle clearing the mess around. Next day we took it easy on the busy, but not too exciting highway.



Getting into Belgrade we had the impression of a Brazilian favela, where we did not feel too confident, especially, when a local stripling quipped with his one-word English knowledge: “money”. Wasn’t a big deal, but we decided to clip back our shoes and moved on with the KTM-s to a small field just across, dodging all sort of municipal waste.


From there on, we went to the real “Belgrade Quay” (In Hungary, there is a quay, called Belgrade) and had some fun while washed away the dust of the road beside the Danube, at a cool beach, similar to “Kopaszi gát” in Budapest.
Getting out of Belgrade reminded me some memories of Paris from last year, as it gave me hard time to find the right way. We spent the night by a half-finished house in the company of way too many mosquitos.



Following day, in the afternoon, I was just wondering on the saddle that nothing remarkable happened so far, when we found a thermal spring, kind of hiding beside the road, with its heart-warming, 40 degree water. Truck drivers and other lads were splashing quickly, but we took our time. Itself, it would have made our day, but some serious experiences were to follow.

Be quite enough, after few kilometres we arrived to the Serbian mountains and we were aiming to camp at a ruin of a monastery. There we met a real hermit. Dushan’s amazing mystical stories and our spiritual experiences can be read in the next post.

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