Launching in 10 days!

It’s only Wednesday today, but we have done loads already. On Monday, we went back to Evobike with one of the KTM-s to discuss our experiences we had in 150 km, and to make sure, masters make to final necessary adjustments. We also picked up the other one, so Adorjan could start to test it. We named them as well: Adi’s bike is called Sir Dinamit, and mine is Mighty Voyager.

If possible, things speeded up even more. We were donated a cycling GPS from Navi-Gate Ltd., so we can track our path and register the location of the planted trees precisely. Adi believes that we are going to create a pilgrimage for „heavy users”, for those, who think about a serious cycling or even a walking tour. This is going to be called „the Children of the Sun Pilgrimage”. Main landmarks will be the trees planted by us, connecting everyone, who is interested to visit this route in the future. Appreciate this useful present on behalf of the prospective pilgrims.


Garmin gadget came from Magyar Péter

From here, we took two corners to meet Bali Búza, a.k.a Pemzli. He and his team donated some cycling outfits to us. After a coffee and a 10 minute chat we went over to the sewing, chose sizes, colours and labels. Althogh we are not too fashion conscious, it’s important for us to sweat into a nice shirt day by day in the upcoming 2 years, which is in line with our mission. Official „Children of the Sun” shirt is coming soon. Watch out girls! Hahhh!

And we saved the best for last. Few weeks organisation started to shape up in a result. Since we could only wake up for the second alarm, we missed the first train, but finally, we were heading Vienna.


Office on the train

First we ran to the Uzbek Embassy, to arrive before they close. Behind the glass wall a nice person was greeting us. We told him the purpose of our visit, also asked him how long it takes to get the visa. He did not make us really happy with the fact, that it takes 7 days, so we asked again and since we had all the necessary documents, he quickly changed 7 days to 5 minutes. Sounded a lot better, we both had a big smile on our faces.

In 3 minutes, your man showed up with a 200 Euro receipt. We were wondering as on the website of the embassy they listed 70 euro/ visa. Bargain started immediately. He went there and back, and returned with another receipt, this time with 160 euro only. That’s the way we do business at Uzbek Embassy :). Here they are:


Such a valid Uzbek visa


We continued our day at Tajik Embassy, but on the way we popped into the Festival. We found it very interesting as we both keep meatless diet.


Cows are our friends


Tasting of organic wines

After wandering on Mariahilfer Strasse, we got the to Embassy, where we were greeted by the Consul, out of turn. After a nice chat, he decided to approve our visa and give them to us in 2 days to this special country. Passports were left there and most probably a helper we will get and deliver them to us in a few days. Next week we should have the Iranian and Pakistani papers and then we are ready to rock and roll.

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