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I would like to start by, that if you would like to go on a around the world bike tour, and give probably the most unforgettful years for this, don’t start the organization and the bike hunt 3 months before the start.

Since we did not take this into consideration, the past weeks gave us a lot to do. We decided we would like to tackle the world with a great bike, and we will do everything in our power to find the biggest assistant we are going to have on the trip. Thanks to this, within days we found ourselves amongst such top category brands and solutions, that we didn’t even know about before, not to mention consider. But the cross section puts us in front of a huge decision. This means that in most of the cases we have to custom make the perfect devices, and this takes months. It isn’t enough to order the bike’s components one by one, we have to find a good steel frame set that we can stack all the supersonic goodies onto.

When we made this realization, we had Evobike at our side, whom we first sought out in the hope of a mutually beneficial partnership. For our first e-mail, we received a quick and encouraging response from Orsi, followed by a face to face meeting with Krisztián, whom we got to know as a very helpful person, with immense professional expertise. In just a few days we discussed almost all the questions, and found solutions to almost all, but a crucial point just didn’t want to come together. This is getting that frame I mentioned before. We got in touch with big names in the frame making business like Jasec, Merényi, or Hunor, and we looked at the highest quality brands of the mass products like Tout Terrain or Koga, we had to let this go due to the time and money we have available to us.

This segment of the bicycle market doesn’t really give too many choices in prices and delivery at this level of bikes. We can either think in a “Bently” which we have to preorder, or we can have the Opel Astra category which we can get anywhere, since it is a mass produced product. And in between there is a huge void, that two wheel technology cannot fulfill at its current stage. Although we do believe that you can tackle the world on a camping bike, we try to solve the mechanical problems that would slow us down – even before they appear.

So even though we had an Evobike and Orsi, Krisztián and Isti with it, only in theory were we able to get closer to our bikes.

Continuing our search, we got to another Hungarian professional bike shop, the Massive Bike. They convinced us at first sight with their professionalism, and brought up new opportunites regarding the frame. Massive Bikes specialized in belt drive bikes and represent the high end category. Here we also pedaled a few blocks before we reached the final solution. Which is a factory made, award winning KTM Life Lontano p.18, which represents the future of bycicling, not just for us, but for everyone. Not because of the KTM, but because of its propelling and shifting system. This is a 18 speed hub gear shifting system, mounted on the middle, that can be propelled with a carbon belt. What more could you possibly ask for? Of course, adhering to basic world traveler needs, it has the best Tubus racks, and also has a front hub dynamo, that, with a converter, we can use as a constant power source. So when travelling, we can charge our gadgets on a USB output, which is great, because without the gadgets it would be a lot harder to keep this blog going and to navigate.

So it seemed that Massivebikes will get the bikes and Evobike will do the smaller modifications and get the other necessary equipment. This beautiful cooperation was almost sure, but in the last moment we reverted back to square one and Evobike became our backwind regarding bikes and camping equipment.

If we would have at least 2 more months, this probably would have been something different and we could have been temporary owners of Peti Scsaurszki’s (MassiveBikes) custom designed and built Pinion equipped bike. But the offer that Krisztián Nyári (Evobike) made seemed simpler and easier from every perspective. Meaning, we stay with the KTM bikes and the offer that they will change every component that we would like to be changed. And they will max out the bikes with Orlieb’s best racks so they will turn into a maxed out around the world touring bikes. We would like to add that we caused some disappointment with our decision to MassiveBikes, but we hope in time our paths will cross again, since they proved to be a very promising and enthusiastic team in the field of belt driven bikes. Thank you Peti!!!

Our package will arrive in a week to Evobike which can be found on the industrial area of Csepel Művek. After a little adjustment, we can start testing them. We will have two weeks to do that because slowly we will have all the visas stamped in our passport, and we can start the biggest adventure of our lives, the tour around the world – tree planting included.


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