China, Pakistan and Uncle Ári

Slowly we reach the point that the only documents we are going to be able to get at home are three visas. We visited the Chineese embassy today and while were staring at the screen, mentally willing it to turn 237, an old friend and professional photographer Áron Süveg appeared with a great smile on his face in the aula, where a lot of slanted eyed people were taking turns in holding onto his passport and using a lot of ink to fill out the mandatory visa requesting forms.

Uncle Ári is on a photographic tour, for a peking invitation. We had time to pick the brain of the experienced traveler, and if all things work out, he will be able to help us in another tricky part, getting the Pakistan papers. And help we need, it is not easy to get into the country that gives home to the longest part of the Karakorum Highway, especially if we want to do this with bicycles. A common photo would have been great – but this thought only appeared in our heads when we reached home.

When it was our turn, the lady told us that since we are going get to China 5 months after our departure, we can only get this visa on the way, from one of the embassies. So we will have to acquire the Iran, Turkmen, and Chineese visas somewhere along the way. So the Uzbek, Tajik, and Pakistani permits are left. We already asked for an invitation letter for these.

How interesting, that we originally went to take care of the Chinese visa, and just because we were at the right place at the right time, we might be able to handle both. This is the best quality of flow. You know you are on the right track when “miracles” happen automatically. 😉

We also made a big leap regarding the bikes: we got to know a professional bike building team. The helpfulness and enthusiasm of massive bikes helped shed the doubts we had regarding the bike in the past few days. We don’t have anything concrete, but we are on the right track of acquiring a bike that will help us faithfully on the huge tour ahead of us.

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