This day is special. Not just because its April fool’s day (an attribute we know all too well), but because this is the first time the two of us were able to sit down to one table at the same time. This allows us to see the same thing and at the same time, too. This is what bonds us for quiet a while. So the worthile work has started. Though in the past months, seperately we have put a lot of energy into organizing our common journy, the two streams have met, and forming a river, it surges forward with elemental energy. The result of this is that the first content has reached our blog and we put a little time into fine tuning its shape too. With this, we have launched something that will give you lots of news and joy for about the next two years.

It is no coincidence we named our news flow Momentum, because from now on, we will hit the pedals. In exactly two months from now, we are going to be actually on our way. Boredom will have no chance to hit us until then either, cause we still have plenty to take care of before the start. During this time you can join us and follow how we prepare for the most exciting part of our lives: around the world on a bike. Sponsors, supporters, aka. Backwind, it wouldn’t hurt if you start blowing…

Life is good.

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